Saturday, July 23, 2011

Modern Conveniences

I’ve been without an oven for about a month now.  The element in my oven went and despite mine and my husband’s efforts, so far we haven’t been able to find a new one to fit.  The oven went the night that my husband went away for vacation with my 2 oldest kids (along with the leaky pipe in the basement and my washer while he was away-grrr).  I was fine without an oven for just me and my babies but when he got home he took the element out altogether and now I can’t even use my stovetop without tripping a breaker.  As per my last post, I love my George Foreman grill and have been getting along okay with just that and the BBQ.  However, it’s been getting a little tricky without the stovetop.  Here’s some pics of the adventure I had trying a fantastic recipe from fellow blogger, and Newfie, Barry Parsons from Rock Recipes.  I did make some changes to the recipe for taste such as using only 1/3 of ginger, a smidgen of crushed chillies, and substituting seasoning salt for five spice.  I also don’t keep peanut oil on hand so I used canola instead.  My husband thought it was phenomenal commenting “If this was in a restaurant, this would be my favorite thing to order.”  It’s Crispy Honey Orange Pork Medallions with brown rice and egg rolls.  I’ve tried orange-based Asian recipes before with very little luck, but this one looked so good and it’s turned out to be a winner.





George Foreman Grill, electric fondue pot, and the good old microwave





100_2090The finished product!

I started the sauce in my fondue pot while I prepared the pork.  Fried the pork in the baking pan on the George Foreman.  Meanwhile thawed the egg rolls in the microwave, and boiled some water in the electric kettle.  Once the pork was ready and added to the sauce, I switched up to the grill plate and baked the eggrolls while finishing the rice with the boiled water in the microwave!  Whew that was a mouthful.  Despite the result of my last three blogs, I don’t intend on turning this blog into a foodie blog but I really do love cooking.  I have a few other ideas for things to blog about but the food has been topping them all lately!