Thursday, December 8, 2011

My kind of man

So this is the kind of husband I have…  I work two 12-hr days in a row.  He’s  home with the 4 kids.  On Tuesday, he prepares super-delicious Manicotti for supper all the while dressing all the kids in their Christmas dress clothes to go the school Christmas concert.  They are there not only on time but 25 minutes early at 6:05pm.  Day 2 I get home at 7:20 pm but he’s not home because he’s out carting the kids to dance and karate.  There are two baking dishs of Rice Krispie Squares on the the table as well as dozens of chocolate chip cookies.  The table is also covered with grocery bags of baking supplies that he picked up earlier.
That’s the kind of man I married… my kind of man :)