Pro-life and Abortion

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My heart is broken for the plight of the unborn.  In my opinion is the best site on the web for information concerning the atrocity of abortion.  The site owner enlists it's users to become walking billboards by purchasing shirts that promote life and point the reader to the abundance of information at abort73.comPlease be prepared to view graphic images of victims of abortion.

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has been making huge strides in educating people of all walks of life, from all across Canada, about abortion.  A great site for anyone wanting to learn about and support the pro-life movement in Canada.  Check out the CCBR at www.unmaskingchoice.caPlease be prepared to view graphic images of victims of abortion.

  Save Me
Live Action is an organization that uses investigative journalism to expose the deceit in the abortion industry  striking blows to such giants as Planned Parenthood (,  Live Action also reports and blogs extensively on prolife news from all over the US.

Bound4Life is a movement that is seeking an end to abortion by means of prayer.  Originating in the US, Bound4Life is spreading across Canada and the world with its silent prayer meetings on government sites and at abortion facilities.  The striking red tape symbolizes the silent cries of the aborted unborn.

To read what I've written on the subject, click these links:  Deprived, and One Stone:  Lament for the Lost.

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