Monday, May 11, 2015

All about my lawn... yawn.

So 3 years ago when we first moved in,  we cut out half the back deck which took up most of the yard and paid ALOT for sod.   Which proceeded to be annihilated by dog poop.  All that's left is the random bits of green you can see in the picture.  Now that we've learned better and the dogs are restricted to the side of the house, I decided to give a lawn another go.   We plan on putting stone down too (hence the pile of brick behind the play place) but instead of putting out the big bucks for sod again,  I opted to try the green, mulchy Patch Grass by CIL.  Luckily,  it was on for half price at $6 at Canadian Tire.  I did alot of raking,  loosening soil, and filling in holes with fresh fill (leftover from the hole my husband dug for a sandbox under the play place).  I soaked the ground as per instructions,  spread some regular grass seed over the whole area, then laid the Patch Grass thick with 4 bags. After only a week of daily watering it's growing already!   You can't see the little sprouts in this picture but I've been wanting to post a "before pic" so i figured I'd better before it gets too thick.  I'm hoping it will be a relatively inexpensive fix.  I figure once it grows in I will need to fill in patches with another bag but all in all I hope to have a new lawn for $30!

Oh btw,  the birch trees shed their little wormy seed things over the past couple days.   I won't rake that up until the grass is established.