Friday, October 25, 2013

Sometimes you are just on the wrong track

So I’m practicing my vocals for a solo tomorrow morning.  As I’m singing I’m getting so discouraged because I’m just finding this song so hard to sing.  “What have I got myself into?”  I’m thinking.  “I’m going to sing for the first time at my new church tomorrow and I’m gonna suck.  Lord, you have to help me through this;  You have to give my voice some more strength.”  I even started getting down on myself and asking“Lord, why isn’t my voice as strong as other peoples?  Why does my voice wear out after such a short time of singing?  Would I rather to not be able to sing at all then just sing okay?”  After a little break, I go back to my practicing and the song is coming much more easily, even well.  This is either a miracle or I was singing the song in the wrong key.  Turns out, it was the wrong key, the wrong track!  Sometimes you just have to get back on the right track and everything will be fine.