Thursday, May 23, 2013

My first smartphone and my first "real" garden!

I'm very excited to have my first smartphone. In the past, it was mandatory to have a data plan in order to have a smartphone, at least in my previous province.  I wasn't paying nearly twice as much per month for that, no thank you.  But with the renewal of my contract with Telus (plug here:  Telus has always given me excellent service) I was happy to sign up for the free smartphone with no data plan.  With Wi-fi at home and Tim's and McD's, I'm rocking my smartphone.  And hopefully it will make it easier for me to blog more often.

On to my garden. I've dabbled with gardening for a few years but just had a flower little patch and a few pots.  In our new home we have garden beds already made and a few perennials growing.  I've been obsessed with gardening this past week weeding, digging, dumping fresh soil, raking and seeding.  I've made a vegetable patch in the backyard and put in lots of flowers out front.  Here are a few pics of the "fruits" of my labor.

This is the vegetable garden to the left with spinach, and peas at the top, and carrot, lettuce and squash interspersed with garlic.

his is the vegetable garden to the left with spinach, and peas at the top, and carrot, lettuce and squash interspersed with garlic.















To the right you’ll see the beginnings of lettuce with the taller garlic at the top.  I will clip the leaves of the garlic soon to allow the plant to concentrate on the bulb.




This is a little squash peeking through.



This is essentially the flower garden that came with the house except for a few changes such as the hosta on the right that we transplanted from the backyard.  I’ve planted white and colored zinnias, some pink flowers my Nan gave me (she doesn’t know the name of them but says they are beautiful), snapdragons, marigolds my Nan gave me, evening primrose, and cosmos.  I know a lot!  I hope it turns out as nice as I plan.





A few little zinnias are all that’s up yet.



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get in there!

My oldest daughter needed a picture of her and I together for her… shhh Mother’s Day craft :).  I was sad to find there was only one poorly taken picture of us together since she was a baby.  In fact, all the pictures I found of myself and my kids were just that, pictures of when they were babies and I was carrying them in my arms.  Now that “my baby” is two, and I’ve been made aware of this, I’m gonna make sure that I not only take pictures of my kids but that I am in some of them, with them.  So make sure you get in there, and don’t miss an opportunity to capture those precious moments.  We all know we were there but it would be nice to be seen there sometimes too!