Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well, hello there!

It's nice to see you here. Well you know what I mean; I'm glad you've decided to stop by and are reading up to this point. This is my first blog, pretty well ever. I've dabbled here and there on private networking sites but this is my first time ever puttin' it out there on the web for all the world to see. For that reason, I'm feeling a little secretive. I don't know if I want all my life displayed but yet I've been having this urge to create this blog for weeks now and it's finally overcome me.

I've always written. Mostly poems as a child and teenager (which I rarely do now). I think then it was romantic and mysterious to express my feelings in a cryptic poem. Perhaps I felt I had something special in my emotional teenage mind to share. Now I'm less mysterious and want to write simply and clearly what's on my heart and mind. I've been driving myself crazy writing in my head these past few months and that's why I wanted to start a blog to see if it will ease the nearly constant thoughts racing through my head.

"Why not start a journal?" you may be asking. I have. Two as a matter of fact. One in which I write to my husband about anything that's bothering me. It used to be a way for me to vent about our problems but nowadays it's usually a love letter to him and our children. The other journal is a devotional journal in which I document what I've learned in my relationship with the Lord. And that brings me to the name of this blog . . .

If you didn't already notice, stailing is an acronym of sorts for slow to anger, abounding in love which is from Psalm 86:15. I've created the term stailing, as far as I know, and let it forever be on the record as me doing so. Stailing describes living as best as one can to be slow to anger and abounding in love as our heavenly Father is. Note "as best as one can" because I assure you my best sometimes is not very good. But I'm trying, as I hope you are, and I long for the day when my obedience will be made complete (2 Cor. 10:6).

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