Monday, October 4, 2010

A blog about, my blog

Soooooo…. as you can seeeeee….. (if you’ve visited before) I’ve updated the look!  Something I’ve wanted to do since almost immediately after I initially designed my site and Blogger came out with a new fancy, shmancy “Template Designer” that had much nicer, more customizable templates.  But alas, as it takes me forever to decide on backgrounds and colors and whatnot, I delayed redesigning it until this past week.  And I should have delayed longer because I have my husband’s entire family (and I mean full immediate family-7 in all, 12 including us) coming to visit in a few days and I have a ton of cleaning to do, but what else is new?  Did I mention I have 3 kids, a 3 bedroom bungalow and nowhere to put these people except in our travel trailer.  But my in-laws are seriously the best, and so easy to please, so it’s all good.

I hope you like the new look.  I liked the green before, but it didn’t really say what I wanted the blog to say.  I found this picture online (don’t worry, I’ve sought permission to use it), and thought it was really appropriate even though I was trying to stay away from photos as backgrounds and wanted a little more color than black and white.  I think the pink tones add a nice touch, even though I try to stay from pink too because it’s just so girly.  But I have to admit, I like pink.  When you have 2 daughters, it’s hard not to.

Back to the photograph.  I was going to add a caption but thought photography, as an art, shouldn’t have captions (unless it’s incredibly abstract) and should say whatever the person viewing thinks it says.  So here’s my question?  What does this photo (to the right, if you’re confused) say to you?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  I had a friend say she tried to leave a comment the other day but had to have a Google account in order to do so.  If you neither have, nor want a Google account, then comment on Facebook (if you linked from there), or email me at  I’ll then post your comments on here for you!  Won’t that be fun?!?

So there’s this daddy blog at that’s been up since July, 2010, and it’s already gone viral in September with a blog about his experiences of rude questions asked about his adopted son of another race.  I got the link from, well, a friend on Facebook who has adopted children of another race (wonderful family).  Good for you but what is up with that?  How come I can’t go viral? or even just a little stuffy with maybe a touch of the runny nose? (drum roll anyone?)  Who came up with the term viral anyways?  I would settle for my site to come up on the first 50 pages of Google when I search “stailing” but nope, not yet.  Anyhoo, not having the internet savvy to create my own URL might be something to do with it (but I’m still appreciative Blogger).  Or maybe my life is just not as interesting as recently single dads of adopted mixed race sons.  Or maybe I’m just little old me up here in little old Canada (comparatively in population to the US).  Goodness knows there are thousands, if not closer to millions of mommy blogs out there and mine is well, no more special than the next.  I should clarify, I don’t really expect to ever go viral.  I just hope that every now and then I can make someone smile, or cry, or cause to reflect.  I’m really appreciative of the few comments I have received (mostly on Facebook) about my blog and I guess I’ll just keep writing until I run out of things to say, which, let’s face it, will be never.  For now, I will write for myself mostly; for my kids later to read later about their crazy mom; and last but not least, for you, you seldom few who come click your way here.  Thank-you and goodnight.


  1. Awww. Your awesome blog WILL go viral...soon I am sure :)

    Keep up the wonderful work!!


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