Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garden Update #1


I have a little going on in the vegetable garden.  Everything is up and growing except marigolds which were old seeds my Nan had so I guess they were no longer fertile.  I planted new seeds so they should be up in no time.  They only took a few days in my flower garden.  The nasturtiums I planted with the spinach and peas are the tall ones here.




This one above is the carrot, lettuce, and squash bed.  I can only have two squash plants per mound so I transplanted a couple into these hanging planter bags.  You can grow squash hanging so I thought I'd give it a try in these bags I had lying around.  I hang them in a couple of weeks; I guess to let the roots dig in.  I will add a large trellis against the fence later for the squash vines to climb on. I also transplanted a couple of nasturtium because they are squash companions, they trail very nicely and of course they will add a colorful touch.  The seed packet says nasturtiums do not transplant well and indeed they wilted almost immediately but I just added lots of water to them and they came around.




Our first harvest!  I had to do quite a bit of thinning of spinach and lettuce.  The spinach have tiny baby leaves. They were yummy.  My daughter who is a little rabbit gobbled both up.






Here is one of two tomato and basil, and peppers and nasturtiums planters.  I had to move them to the front yard because they were not getting enough sun in the back.

The peppers were not sprouting so I bought more seed and as I was planting I noticed 3 or 4 sprouts in one pot.  I planted new ones anyway and will thin later.



Finally, the flower garden is slowly coming along.  Everything is up and as you can see the hosta is HUGE!  I did add some forget-me-nots as well because the evening primose isn’t coming in as well as I like.  Hopefully it will help to fill in the gaps and the purple and yellow together should be really striking!

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