Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is over…better blog.

So, I’ve been a slacker, yes, yes I have.  I haven’t posted all summer although I’ve thought about it a dozen times.  Sitting at a computer for any longer than 15 minutes isn’t exactly summertime fun in my opinion, but school is back in full swing now, kids are in bed and I have a few minutes to write a few words.

So what did I do all summer?  I travelled; camped; sat around in a slump for a few days here and there; and went to the beach.  That’s pretty much it really but it was great.  Some of the sitting around in a slump was due to our exciting news that we are expecting our 4th, count ‘em, 4th child!  If I were to ever get pregnant again (which we are aren’t planning on, 4 is our ideal), then I would not like it to be in the summer.  At least not for the 1st trimester.  So tired and sick and lazy, I felt like I wasted a bit of my summer.  But only in between travelling and camping trips so it wasn’t so bad. 

But we are super-excited!  As you know, I have a now 15-month old and she is still my little baby so I’m really happy to be having another baby in a few months.  I think it will be interesting to have a near 2 year old and a newborn, especially since my little one is so jealous of her older brother and sister, I can’t imagine how she is going to react to another baby.

All my kids are just about 3 years apart except for these last two which are going to be just 21 months.  The reason my husband and I planned this is because we are 30 now, been having kids for 7 years and we just wanted to get it all over with.  We would have gotten pregnant earlier but I am one of those that breast-feeding is actually contraceptive.  I mean, I guess so, because I don’t start my, you know, monthly, until my babies are about 11 months old, and didn’t get pregnant until then, although we had been trying for about 5 months before that.  Well, not preventing is a better description.  It’s hard to try when you have no idea when or even if you are ovulating.

I told that rather personal story to lead into my real story which is why I had to get an ultrasound at 12 weeks.  Because I had, I think my doctor called it, an inconsistent menstrual history, he wanted me to have an early ultrasound to confirm gestational age.  This ultrasound was probably the most impactful of all 4 of my pregnancies simply because it was at such a young age.  Here was this tiny little 5.76 centimetre, 2 oz person just moving around inside of me.  At the usual 18-20 week ultrasound you can feel movement, and of course I can’t yet but still here was this little being jerking about, and putting his or her hand up to their eyes.  It was so amazing to see him/ her in there with lotsa room to move their little arms and kick their little legs.  I could even see something I’ve never seen before and that was the blood from my body pumping through the cord into his/her little body.  It was just wonderful.  Such a blessing for myself and my family to see this little miracle growing inside me.

Well should be heading off. Laundry is in the washer/dryer and it’s my goal to get it all done before bed.  Hubby is out watching a movie so to sit here in near absolute quiet since 8:45p has been blissful, but it’s now 9:45p and time to say Char, out.  Thank you Lord for life’s precious, quiet moments.

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