Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I took the plunge!

So I finally did it. I posted my blog on facebook to let all my friends know that I’m blogging. It’s done now I can’t change it. I’m not getting the traffic I would like and I needed to do something to get things moving. I hope it works!!! My fears are that there are some people who will simply not agree with some of my opinions or even take offense to them. And secondly, that people will get a glimpse of the real me, failures, faults and all. It’s a step towards greater transparency (not hiding who I am), openness (being willing to share and receive opinions), honesty (telling the truth as I see it) and vulnerability (being willing to share my heart even if my feelings or someone else’s get hurt-I really hope that doesn’t happen).

So I have so many things I have to say and have to say it quickly. The kids and I are planning a trip out of town to visit my sis-in-law and to celebrate Canada’s 143rd birthday so I have to pack. Poor Daddy has to stay home and work. Considering he was away for a week on a canoe/camping/ bachelor party trip, then home for a week and then travelling again for business, I don’t think he’ll stress too much about it.

I’ve created a new Recipes and Cooking tab. I’m trying to think of a better title for it but this is all I could come up with right now. My mind has been swirling with bits of advice to add to the Advice and Tips page and many of them are kitchen related. I was hoping to add my favorite recipes at some point so I thought it’s just as well to create a whole tab to devote to both. I haven’t written anything for it yet but I will for my next blog. Originally I had hoped to write on each subject and have it separate from my main blog. But Blogger doesn’t really allow for that so writing on my main blog and linking to it on each tab was the best way I could think to work it.

School is out. Makes me happy!!! I’m not yet to the point where I’m like “Oh, I wish the kids would go back to school.” I hope I don’t ever get to that point but when I get used to them all being in school I may feel differently :). I like not having to get my son up for school every morning although we haven’t been sleeping in much because we have to be at swimming lessons at 10 am. I should note that all of my babies slept/sleep in until 9:30-10 am every morning so I consider getting up at 8:00am to be an early morning. I think parents play a big part in programming their kid’s internal clocks. I try to get up earlier but it just doesn’t work for me so I just go with what my body tells me.

We’re just getting over the stomach flu . . . gastroenteritis to be more correct. I don't like to use the term stomach flu because some people think it and influenza are one in the same. Like my best friend who lamented on her facebook status how she couldn’t understand why she had the stomach flu when she had had her flu shot (ie inFLUenza shot) (sorry my ducky but I laugh to myself about that all the time:). The only comparison is that gastroenteritis is usually a virus, as influenza is. But you all know the latter from the H1N1 scare! It’s been a weird stomach flu though. Mild in terms of the episodes of vomiting and diarrhea (did you really sign up to read about vomiting and diarrhea?) but the nausea is just going on and on for days. I went to church on Sunday because I thought we were all better but my little boy and I were still having nausea this morning. Speaking of Sunday, there’s a great new girl (is girl okay? it’s weird to say lady or woman) at church who when I said we had been sick with the stomach flu responded “Ewwww, what’s that like? I’ve never had it.” Have you ever in your life met anyone who has never had or at least can’t remember having the stomach flu? Isn’t that crazy? She’s one lucky girl. But her little girl is going to Primary in September- they call Kindergarten, Primary, in this province, I know, weird, it takes some getting used to – so I have a feeling her luck is soon to run out. I'm out.

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