Monday, June 21, 2010

My picks for best and worst kids TV shows

Since buying Your Baby Can Read, I’ve found that I’m more picky about what my kids watch on TV, in particular my 4 year old. Here is a list of shows that I recommend for their content which focuses on reading, letter recognition, and other educational activities. Feel free to add more to the comments below and I’ll post them on my list if I agree.

  • Super WHY! (PBS and CBC in Canada)-Lots of letter and word recognition, and usually good moral lessons
  • WordWorld (PBS)-An entire world built out of words! It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Patty and Sid from KidsCBC (CBC in Canada)-In between programming, they do a thing similar to oldschool Sesame Street with alot of letter, word and number recognition as well as French vocabulary.
  • Sid the Science Kid (PBS)-As suggested, this show explores the world of science, but my kids have never really liked this show.
  • Sesame Street (PBS)-It’s not the top at my list because I find it less educational then when I was a kid.

Here is a list of shows that I recommend to not allow your kids to watch (at least in Christian families) and the reasons why:

  • What’s New Scooby-Doo? and other more recent spin-offs (Cartoon Network, Teletoon in Canada)-This show once had Daphne asking someone about Wicca and essentially encouraging the viewers to embrace the Wiccan religion. I have to admit though I still let the kids watch the old, less inclusive Scooby-Doo on DVD even with it’s ghosts and goblins (aren’t they always a concotion?).
  • Arthur (PBS)-One of Arthur’s friends practices yoga and even has a seance-like meditation session!
  • Waybuloos (Treehouse in Canada)-A BBC show aimed at infants and toddlers, these cute characters do yoga, and levitate.

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