Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Broken Waters but no Broken Dreams

Thanks everyone for your concern.  God has done a true miracle for me and this baby.  My water broke at 11pm. last night.  I know it was; this is my 4th preg. after all.  I went to the hospital, the strip was a "strong positive" for amniotic fluid, and an internal swab and slide was positive as well as visual seeping of fluid seen by the doctor.  I was having mild contractions at this time similar to hard Braxton Hicks.  As well, it was obvious by just looking and touching my belly that it has gotten smaller.  I was sent to the children’s hospital in the city by ambulance.  Fortunately labor didn't start, but the doctors were anticipating I would have the baby within a few days or a week.  A couple weeks if I was lucky.  When I went for an ultrasound in the morning the sonographer said the Amnio. fluid was normal.  The same tests that were done in my hometown were also negative for ruptured membranes.  Finally, a new and supposedly definitive test was done and it too was negative for amnio. fluid.  With that, the doctors in Halifax decided my water hadn't broken at all and discharged me.  Of course myself and my OBS in know better.  I spoke with him on the phone and he said my waters were definitely ruptured.  Perhaps the break was high in the sac and healed but I know it had to be God's healing power.  There is no other explanation.  My grandmother spent the whole day yesterday (before any of this happened) in prayer, and travail with groans that only the Spirit knows, and I believe it was hers and the prayers of our family and friends that caused the sac to seal up and the baby to be safely tucked in my belly where he or she belongs!  Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and prayers and I will be home tomorrow hopefully.


  1. Darryl and I were praying for you from the moment Glennis called. I would wake up every couple of hours last night thinking and praying for you and the baby. This is living proof that God is still in control. This baby is a miracle baby and every time we see him or her, we will be reminded of that and Gods goodness to us. Continuing to pray for an event free remainder of your pregnancy and a great delivery.


  2. Thank you Crystal. I know that all the prayers that went for us kept this baby from coming too early. Really glad Mom is here now!


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